The Early Edition 1.1 Approved!

The Early Edition 1.1 Approved!

June 1, 2010

Yippee! Another air-punching moment was had this morning when I received my notification that version 1.1 of The Early Edition had been approved and was ready for sale. If a watched pot never boils, it’s amazing that this one got beyond lukewarm!

Here are the most notable new features and performance enhancements:
✔ Sections: Now you can group & view feeds in customized categories
✔ Google Reader / OPML feed & folder importing
✔ Feed discovery: Now you can enter a website URL & The Early Edition will search for discoverable feeds
✔ There are now four ways to filter your news: Last Fetch, Today, All Dates & Past Editions
✔ Saved state! Now when you exit the app and relaunch, it will go back to the page you were on
✔ Auto-fetch will now only occur the first time you launch the app on a given day
✔ Fetching now includes a progress bar as visual feedback
✔ You can now cancel a fetch before it is finished
✔ Speed & performance enhancements
✔ Greatly improved international character support
✔ UI enhancements
✔ App Store links now open the App Store instead of web previews
✔ New Help menu with answers to frequently asked questions
✔ Bug fixes, including some feeds that were causing crashes

Having the update approved is quite a load off our minds seeing as we’re leaving for WWDC in a few days. Thank you to those who’ve given us feedback and also to Apple for approving the update.

If you’ve got any suggestions or requests on this update, please use the feedback button in the app itself (tap the “i” button) so we have them all in the same place, rather than using the comments here.

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