Adding Feeds to The Early Edition

April 11, 2010

Just another quick note to customers of The Early Edition for iPad, this time about adding feeds to your News Sources list. Some users have been a bit confused as to why there are a few pages of news on the first day they load the app, but then nothing or very little on subsequent days.

More often than not, the reason for this is that they haven’t added any RSS feeds to the samples that we included by default, and unfortunately the default feeds in 1.0.1 aren’t always updated every day. We assumed that users would be adding their own feeds straight away but some have actually been content reading the sample feeds we provided. As such, when 1.0.2 is approved, there will be more sample RSS feeds and at least a few of them are updated quite frequently throughout each day.

In the meantime, if you still only have the sample feeds in your list, why not try adding a few more to give yourself some extra reading material. Below is a list of feeds that you could try adding to the News Sources list if you’d like an easy place to start:


To add any of these feeds, copy whichever you’d like, then open The Early Edition and tap the ‘+’ button and paste it into the feed text box and press Done.

One last note. We are working on ways to improve feed entry so that it’s less laborious for those who want to follow a lot of RSS publishers. As well as adding Google Reader support, we’d like to make this process simpler generally.

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  1. I have bought hid app from iTunes store. I am trying to add the New York Times and Google news RSS feed into Early edition app but it is not updating. I am not sure I have the right links. Please let me know the right RSS feeds links for these sites.


    • Hi Farhan, there are a variety of NYT feeds, which can be found on this page. If you were just after the feed for the news that makes it to their homepage, the feed link is:

      If these aren’t working for you, you might have come across an issue that the iPad has with feed links. If you tap on them, it changes the format and adds “” in front of them and pasting these altered links into 1.0.1 of The Early Edition won’t work. However if you tap and hold on the RSS links, then select ‘Copy link’, (rather than opening them with a single tap), you’ll find that the links work fine in 1.0.1. Also you’ll be please to know that this issue has been resolved in 1.0.2 (even links work) which as you know is currently in review.

      I hope this helps. If not, please use the feedback sticky note inside the app to email us directly.

  2. I bought The Early Edition (iPad).
    I recognize there is not yet Google Reader support.
    But that’s the reader I use, so I’d be OK getting those feeds into The Early Edition. What is the procedure (fastest way) to do this without typing? Say, for 100 feeds. Thanks.

    • Hi Randy, at the moment, typing or copying and pasting the feed addresses is the only way, but when 1.1 comes out you’ll have not just Google Reader import but also OPML import and other easier ways of entering feeds like feed discovery when websites are entered instead of feed URLs.


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