A fresh start

A fresh start

January 5, 2010

What a way to see the new year in. This photo of Auckland’s Sky Tower was taken straight from our hotel window the night before my family and I flew out of New Zealand and back home from our Christmas vacation. The countdown to midnight on NYE and the obligatory fireworks that follow always have a wonderful way of filling me with excitement about the year ahead.

Nick Bilton of The New York Times thinks 2010 will be The Year of the Tablet. If Apple are to release a tablet on January 27th, one thing is for sure – I’ll be ordering one. The notebook computer revolutionised mobile computing and then the iPhone came and re-revolutionised mobile computing. Just imagine what a device that combines the two could be capable of.

Here’s a few things I’d like to see in an Apple tablet:

  • a parallel SDK for the tablet/iPhone
  • long battery life
  • speedy processor
  • front-facing camera
  • but ultimately, I want to be surprised (as only Apple know how)
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